The Comprehensive Guide to Navigating Dating Apps for Married People


Choosing a dating app for married people is not as straightforward as it may seem. It requires careful decision-making, consideration, and discretion. We have curated a comprehensive guide to traverse the world of dating apps designed specifically for people who are already in a marriage or in committed relationships.

Understanding the Niche of Dating Apps for Married People

Dating apps for married people are a growing niche in the digital dating world. They cater to the demands of individuals who need a platform where they can connect with like-minded people in similar situations — married yet looking for a subtle and discreet affair.

Why Married People Turn towards Dating Apps

There are several reasons why married people turn towards dating apps. Sometimes it’s because they seek an emotional connection, other times it’s the thrill of the chase they may not be getting from their current partner.

Security and Privacy – A Major Consideration

One biggest concern in the world of dating apps for married people revolves around the notions of security and privacy. Most apps in this niche have enhanced safety measures, ensuring users that their affairs will not be caught by unintended parties.

Narrowing Down the Choices of Dating Apps for Married People

There are several established apps and websites catering to this niche. These include Ashley Madison, Victoria Milan, Gleeden, and Illicit Encounters, among others.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is arguably one of the most popular apps for married dating. Established in 2001, this platform has had its fair share of scandals and controversies, but it has since implemented strict safety measures and functions to protect the privacy and discretion of its users.

Victoria Milan

Another significant player in the world of dating apps for married people is Victoria Milan. Touted as the "#1 affair dating site," it offers array of features specifically designed to maintain users’ anonymity while satisfying their desires.


Gleeden is a dating app developed by women, so it is very woman-friendly. The app takes user confidentiality and discretion quite seriously, and uses various tools to maintain the privacy of its users.

Illicit Encounters

Based out of the UK, Illicit Encounters is another niche platform for dating among married people. It boasts over a million genuine UK users while assuring complete discretion, safety, and security to its community.

The Golden Rules of Using Dating Apps for Married People

While exploring these apps, you should remember certain golden rules. It’s crucial to maintain discretion, keep expectations realistic and ensure one is emotionally prepared for this journey.


While original in concept and considered taboo by many, dating apps for married people are on the rise. For those contemplating this avenue of dating, this guide should serve as a primer for navigating the complicated world of married dating apps.

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