How to Plan a Perfect Wedding under $20,000 for 150 guests?


Organizing a wedding should not only be about making a memorable moment, but also about pragmatism and spending responsibly. A perfectly planned $20,000 wedding for 150 guests is not a fantasy. With careful planning and strategic decision making, you can indeed throw a magnificent celebration. Let us guide you around.

I. Budgeting: Making Every Dollar Count

The key to planning a perfect $20,000 wedding for 150 guests lies in setting a stringent and practical budget. Note down your essentials, prioritize, and track your expenses.

1.1 Division of Funds

Allocate around 50 percent of your budget for venue, food, and drinks. Spend about 10 percent on photography, 15-20 percent on decoration, attire and entertainment. Leave the remaining for miscellaneous expenses and emergencies.

II. Selecting the Perfect Venue

Your venue influences the overall ambiance of your wedding. Choose wisely making sure it aligns with your set budget.

2.1 Affordable yet Classy Venues

Consider venues like public gardens, beach, a local community center or even a close one’s backyard. Such venues not only cut down renting cost but also add a personalized touch to your celebration.

III. Culinary Delights: Feasting within the Budget

Food and drinks are the centerpieces of any festivity. Ensure your guests savor this experience within your budget.

3.1 Affordable Catering Options

Opt for buffet over plated dinners. Choose seasonal and local produce. Maybe consider a food truck for a unique twist. Also, arrange a cash bar or limited complimentary drinks if you want to save more.

IV. Snapping the Moments: Budget-Friendly Photography

Preserving your memories need not eat up a large portion of your budget. Go for budget-friendly options that deliver equal quality.

4.1 Hiring a Professional yet Affordable Photographer

Do extensive research to find a good but affordable photographer. Go for new talents in the industry, or you might consider photography students looking to build their portfolio.

V. Decorating the Ambiance: Economical and Exquisite Decor

Your décor sets the tone for your wedding. Ensure it matches your theme without stretching your budget.

5.1 DIY Décor and Seasonal Flowers

Embrace DIY décor. It not only cuts costs but also adds a personalized flair to your venue. Use seasonal and local flowers. Repurpose ceremony décor for reception.

VI. Grooving the Moment: Budget-Conscious Entertainment

Entertainment is essential for any celebration. Do not compromise on this aspect but stay within your budget.

6.1 Affordable Entertainment Options

Hire a local band or an upcoming DJ. You may also consider creating your own playlist and hiring an MCing friend.

VII. Dressing the Occasion: Sensibly Stylish

Your wedding dress is what you dream about. Stay stylish without going overboard with your budget.

7.1 Buying a Budget-Friendly Wedding Dress

Choose an off-the-shelf dress instead of a designer one. Buying during a sale or off-season can save you significant money.

VIII. Beating the Odds: Miscellaneous and Emergency Budget

Having a buffer budget for any unexpected expenses is a smart move.

8.1 Allocating for Additional Expenditure

Allocate about 5-10 percent of your budget for any add-ons or emergencies. It’s better to prepare for the unforeseen.


Undoubtedly, planning a perfect $20,000 wedding for 150 guests looks overwhelming. But, breaking it down into segments makes the task manageable. Remember, your wedding’s grandeur doesn’t solely depend on how much you spend, rather how wisely you spend. Keep this comprehensive guide at your disposal and turn your big day into a memorable yet affordable spectacle.

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